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Annie’s 6th Sense is now available!!


In the 6th book in the Annie McCauley Romantic Comedy Mystery Series, Annie’s troubles start at home. True, she lives in a third floor walk up in Queens, but it’s cheap and her BFF Luis lives right across the hall. The second floor flasher, Nussbaum is usually harmless, but when Nussbaum’s simple life is disrupted by a nephew, things heat up fast.

Annie and the rest of the gang at the Grolsch Agency are hired to find a missing woman, Izzie Brown. It is not, however a simple missing person case. An evasive husband who hired them, but seems reluctant to cooperate and children who hardly notice she’s gone make Annie suspicious. If that was all Annie had to deal with it wouldn’t be so bad, but her own mama is acting suspiciously and so is Ida Grolsch.

This couldn’t have happened at a worse time because Luther and Martin Grolsch’s grandmother, Oma is in town for the annual church picnic. The cookie counting grootmoeder from hell tries to steamroll everyone in her path including poor cousin Kitty who needs her to loosen the purse strings so she can go to college. The only one she can’t seem to get the best of for long is her younger brother, Wilhelmus. Uncle Willy, as his nephews call him, is a free spirit and a bit of a rascal, an embarrassment to police detective Martin Grolsch and a role model to Luther.

Of course, Annie’s life would not be complete without the interference of Brittany Carstairs, her frenemy from the small town where they grew up in West Texas. Brit and her new rich, French, boyfriend cause problems for Luther and Annie at one of Luther’s favorite spots, the race track. Devious Brittany and suave Guy soon have Luther in debt, but Uncle Willy has a plan.

Can Annie find the missing woman? Will she be able to figure out the mystery of the voice she hears late at night? Are those wedding bells we hear in the distance?

Plots and sub-plots abound in this hilarious romp through a park on a summer’s day in New York City.

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Still waiting for Barnes and Noble to add this book to their store. Sometimes it takes a while, but for all Nook readers, rest assured they will publish soon.


Book 6 is on its way!!

Great News for all Annie McCauley fans. Book 6, “Annie’s 6th Sense,” Is coming along nicely and should be ready for release around the middle of November 2016. Thanks for your patience. I can’t reveal much about the book other than saying there is a bit of a bombshell inside. Are those wedding bells I hear? But who are they ringing for? When it is released I’ll email all the folks on our mailing list.


Reviews and language

I don’t usually respond to reviews and rarely comment on them. However, recently a reviewer mentioned the language in my book and said it destroyed the book. She said I had the ability to write funny stuff but then ruined it. Everyone has his or her right to an opinion and I realize that I can’t please everyone.

On the other hand, the language, in my opinion is appropriate to the character.  Annie is a little brash and naive. It’s what many people like about her. She’s young and full of energy and confidence that sometimes gets her into trouble and she also grew up in a trailer park in West Texas.

She has good values and her family are working class blue collar folks. She is a little rough around the edges and a plain spoken gal. She doesn’t use the f-word. Well maybe once in a blue moon, but only in the most emotionally charged circumstances. To those who don’t like some cussing and a few curse words, perhaps the series isn’t for you.

I won’t be changing her language though as she matures and has more experiences she will evolve. The Annie you find in the tenth book won’t be the same girl who hit New York City as a fresh dewy eyed girl from Texas. She’s already gone through some big changes and has realized a few things about life.

I hope many of you will hang in there and read all the stories. My goal is to entertain you and make you laugh, chuckle, giggle, or even snort.

Thanks for your support and yes, Book 5 is getting close.