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A Cozy Christmas Mystery, “Annie’s 7 Swans a Swimming”

Annie McCauley knows there’s no place like home for Christmas. But with just a few days to go, she’s far away from West Texas. The daughter of Ray and Anne McCauley, formerly Rayanne and now known as Annie McCauley, is living in New York City where her modeling career has stalled. She’s not worried, because she has a plan. She’ll finish her latest gig for the Grolsch Agency as the Snow Queen and store detective, and then hop on a plane, along with her BFF Luis. With a little luck she’ll be in little old Mesa View in time for the holiday. What could possibly go wrong? Plenty.

If you’ve followed Annie through her ups and downs, you know that she means well, but things have a way of going sideways. Just when it looks like she’ll pull it off, a call comes from a friend who is arrested for murder. Annie makes a little side trip to help to solve a mystery. She meets seven young women who call themselves, The Black Swans. She also meets a preacher who has lost his way, a French police inspector, lots of goats, and the colorful people on a little island in the middle of nowhere.

Her huge, ex-special forces boyfriend, Luther Grolsch is at her side as she tries to solve a mystery and make her mama and daddy happy by waking up on Christmas morning in the Mesa View Trailer park. Will a Christmas wish come true? Are those wedding bells? In the seventh book in the Annie McCauley Romantic Comedy Mystery Series, a cast of new quirky characters joins the usual gang for fun, romance, mystery, and adventure.

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Annie’s 6th Sense is now available!!


In the 6th book in the Annie McCauley Romantic Comedy Mystery Series, Annie’s troubles start at home. True, she lives in a third floor walk up in Queens, but it’s cheap and her BFF Luis lives right across the hall. The second floor flasher, Nussbaum is usually harmless, but when Nussbaum’s simple life is disrupted by a nephew, things heat up fast.

Annie and the rest of the gang at the Grolsch Agency are hired to find a missing woman, Izzie Brown. It is not, however a simple missing person case. An evasive husband who hired them, but seems reluctant to cooperate and children who hardly notice she’s gone make Annie suspicious. If that was all Annie had to deal with it wouldn’t be so bad, but her own mama is acting suspiciously and so is Ida Grolsch.

This couldn’t have happened at a worse time because Luther and Martin Grolsch’s grandmother, Oma is in town for the annual church picnic. The cookie counting grootmoeder from hell tries to steamroll everyone in her path including poor cousin Kitty who needs her to loosen the purse strings so she can go to college. The only one she can’t seem to get the best of for long is her younger brother, Wilhelmus. Uncle Willy, as his nephews call him, is a free spirit and a bit of a rascal, an embarrassment to police detective Martin Grolsch and a role model to Luther.

Of course, Annie’s life would not be complete without the interference of Brittany Carstairs, her frenemy from the small town where they grew up in West Texas. Brit and her new rich, French, boyfriend cause problems for Luther and Annie at one of Luther’s favorite spots, the race track. Devious Brittany and suave Guy soon have Luther in debt, but Uncle Willy has a plan.

Can Annie find the missing woman? Will she be able to figure out the mystery of the voice she hears late at night? Are those wedding bells we hear in the distance?

Plots and sub-plots abound in this hilarious romp through a park on a summer’s day in New York City.

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Still waiting for Barnes and Noble to add this book to their store. Sometimes it takes a while, but for all Nook readers, rest assured they will publish soon.


I Think I Need Help… Like An Author’s Assistant?

I think I need an Author’s Assistant or PA or whatever they’re called. I find writing while I’m  also marketing stressful and it distracts me from working on my books. Book five should have been done now, but I’m still working on it. When it’s close to done I’ll offer it for pre-release so my fans can order it from Amazon and get it as soon as it goes live.

I really do appreciate all your kind words and support. The comments and reviews are great. Annie’s series is a hit and I plan on writing more books. But now I’m getting feedback and correspondence and it takes time to interact with my readers and don’t get me wrong, I love hearing from you and knowing that I’m bringing some laughter into your lives, but I seem to have a one track mind that moves at glacial speed and doesn’t easily jump from marketing to writing and back again.

So what I’m saying is that I could use some help answering correspondence and getting the word out that if you need a good laugh, Annie McCauley may be your gal. If you’re an author’s assistant and excel at interaction with readers, I may have a job for you.