Reviews and language

I don’t usually respond to reviews and rarely comment on them. However, recently a reviewer mentioned the language in my book and said it destroyed the book. She said I had the ability to write funny stuff but then ruined it. Everyone has his or her right to an opinion and I realize that I can’t please everyone.

On the other hand, the language, in my opinion is appropriate to the character.  Annie is a little brash and naive. It’s what many people like about her. She’s young and full of energy and confidence that sometimes gets her into trouble and she also grew up in a trailer park in West Texas.

She has good values and her family are working class blue collar folks. She is a little rough around the edges and a plain spoken gal. She doesn’t use the f-word. Well maybe once in a blue moon, but only in the most emotionally charged circumstances. To those who don’t like some cussing and a few curse words, perhaps the series isn’t for you.

I won’t be changing her language though as she matures and has more experiences she will evolve. The Annie you find in the tenth book won’t be the same girl who hit New York City as a fresh dewy eyed girl from Texas. She’s already gone through some big changes and has realized a few things about life.

I hope many of you will hang in there and read all the stories. My goal is to entertain you and make you laugh, chuckle, giggle, or even snort.

Thanks for your support and yes, Book 5 is getting close.


I Think I Need Help… Like An Author’s Assistant?

I think I need an Author’s Assistant or PA or whatever they’re called. I find writing while I’m  also marketing stressful and it distracts me from working on my books. Book five should have been done now, but I’m still working on it. When it’s close to done I’ll offer it for pre-release so my fans can order it from Amazon and get it as soon as it goes live.

I really do appreciate all your kind words and support. The comments and reviews are great. Annie’s series is a hit and I plan on writing more books. But now I’m getting feedback and correspondence and it takes time to interact with my readers and don’t get me wrong, I love hearing from you and knowing that I’m bringing some laughter into your lives, but I seem to have a one track mind that moves at glacial speed and doesn’t easily jump from marketing to writing and back again.

So what I’m saying is that I could use some help answering correspondence and getting the word out that if you need a good laugh, Annie McCauley may be your gal. If you’re an author’s assistant and excel at interaction with readers, I may have a job for you.

Have a Merry Whatever (life)

I’m traveling again on Christmas Eve. Spending the holiday in Pennsylvania. I’ve spent so many holidays in so many different places it’s hard to remember them all. I just wanted to take a few minutes to tell you all that I really appreciate you – each one of you.

I’m a pretty reclusive person but I love communicating through my writing and making my readers laugh. I know you’re a diverse group of people and may have many different beliefs  but I think one thing most of us can agree on is a wish for peace and happiness. So whether you’ve recently celebrated the solstice, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, or any other special time, BE well and I’ll get back to work soon and finish the next book.

BE Well,