Annie and Willee Bios

Meet Annie McCauley
Rayanne “Annie” McCauley (fictional character) is the daughter of Ray and Anne McCauley, long time residents of the Mesa View Trailer Park in West Texas. At five feet nine inches tall and just one hundred and eight pounds, with green eyes and shoulder length brown hair, Annie has the perfect figure to realize her dream of being a high fashion model. Or as she says, “I don’t look like something the dog’s been keeping under the porch.”

College and marriage have been put on hold and to help to keep her focused and on the right path, Annie has a set of rules that keeps growing with each adventure. Annie’s rules such as rule #39, When you find a dead body don’t phone it in, unless you have a very good reason or rule #57 When trying to catch a naked man, bring gloves, are getting so numerous she’s having trouble remembering them all.

Most people like Annie, except Brittany Carstairs who grew up at the trashy end of Mesa View and hates Annie due to an unfortunate accident when they were children. Now she’s in New York City stalking Annie and playing nasty tricks on her to keep her from being successful and having a meaningful relationship. Brittany is very good at dirty tricks.

Annie has the famous McCauley thighs and hot temper and did not inherit her mama’s domestic genes so she lives on toaster meals and dreams of the day when she’ll be on the cover of Women’s Wear Daily. Unfortunately, due to Brittany getting her fired from every modeling job, she’s forced to take a job helping to deliver and protect people for Ida Grolsch and her sexy though annoying son Luther.

Through all her adventures and mishaps Annie, described as the Calamity Jane of the fashion world, keeps her sense of humor and gritty attitude that helped her ancestors tame the West.

Meet Willee Amsden
Willee Amsden is a quirky character living an improbable life. Or maybe it’s the other way around. He’s a storyteller, father, friend, and great time waster who’s not afraid of asking the important questions such as… “Is the opposite of ruthless ruthful? Or If you’re not disgruntled are you gruntled?”